A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.


Tall Oil

Obtained as a by-product of making wood pulp, this is an important ingredient of alkyd resins.


Material which become soft / fluid on contact with heat.


A liquid which dilutes a liquid coating system, making it easier to apply, and sometimes aiding adhesion by carrying the binder into the substrate.

Titanium Dioxide

Also called by its chemical name Ti02, this pigment has been the key to moving away from the old creamy or greyish whites (still to be seen in, and still faithfully made by paint manufacturers for, stately homes). Its performance is due to its extremely high refractive index, which means that once light gets into a crystal of Ti02 it has great difficulty, getting out again, giving a coating of high opacity as well as being bright and white. Chemically it is very stable, it weathers well and does not stain.


The final, top, coat in a coating system, providing the long term aesthetic appearance of the coating.

Tote Bins

Containers of metal (sometimes with plastic tanks) which are handled by forklift trucks. They generally hold 1,0000 litres, but various sizes are available down to about 200 litres. They are normally reusable.

Triple Roll Mill

A piece of dispersion equipment for dispersing medium to high viscosity pastes very finely: the film of paste is spread out very thinly so that pigment particles are crushed in two nips formed between three rollers, which rotate at different speeds and in different directions. The coating may be packed (or "potted") straight from the apron of the triple roll mill.


The earliest solvent, it was made by distilling parts of pine trees, particularly the semi-liquid resinous exudation.

Two Pack

A coatings system in which two components of the system are manufactured and supplied separately. On mixing the two components prior to application, a chemical reaction occurs over a period of time (the 'pot life') which may be measured in hours or seconds. This reaction (which may be accelerated by stoving) results in the coating forming a continuous dry film.

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