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HMG maintains an unrivalled colour library of more than 250,000 colours and can produce paints in various colour ranges including; agricultural, decorative, industrial, commercial vehicle, pantone, NCS dimensions, RAL & British standard.

The colour library is the hub for colour control and formulation, and the team of highly trained colour experts provide over 300 custom matches every month for a range of 60+ distributors and other customers. There is no minimum order volume for the HMG colour matching service and the final colour can be used across a vast majority of HMG bases.

In order to do this, we utilise a spectrophotometer, which uses a Xenon bulb to measure colour close to daylight, and state of the art equipment for colour comparison and formulation. All our colours are formulated with the least metameric pigment combination to ensure consistency throughout different illuminants.

Along with colour matching the HMG Colour Library is responsible for the various HMG tinting ranges including the innovative UNIT LITE system. The system and software was developed entirely in house after listening to the needs of our distributor network. You can see more about the system below.

"Ever since 1930 HMG Paints have been obsessed with colour, we still even have our first ever colour formulation book in the archives. We understand it's importance to the customer and our QA and Colour Matching procedures ensure accurate matches across a variety of systems."

ColourBase Colour Box

HMG Paints Colour Box

The ColourBase Colour Box consists of 2400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The ColourBase Colour Box is a multi function tool, in the sense that not only each colour has a chromatic code that identifies its position in the colour sequence, but it also corresponds to a colour existing on the market of reference.

With a host of colours including British Standard, RAL, Agricultural and Commercial Vehicle the ColourBase Colour Box is the perfect tool for distributors and customers who work in the Industrial, Commercial Vehicle or ACE (Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving machinery) markets.

The Colours are available across many HMG systems and accessible for Distributors via the HMG ColourBase App.

Unit Lite

HMG Paints Colour Swatch

UNIT LITE is a standalone tinting system, which offers HMG and it's nationwide distributors a virtually unlimited colour palette for all order sizes, across an extensive range of high performance HMG base coatings.

Packed into 2.5 litre cans ready for use on a standard mixing machine, Unit Lite comprises around twenty solid tinters, five aluminium tinters for metallic finishes, and five unique reduced-strength colourants, for more accurate tinting of pale and pastel shades.

To support the Unit Lite tinters, HMG has developed a dedicated colour formulation software package for a PC or laptop, which gives online access to over 250,000 different RAL, BS and other shades.

Unit Lite is a highly flexible tinting system, covering topcoats, basecoats, undercoats and primers, as well as a variety of sheen levels, textures and finishes.

It is backed by the manufacturer’s renowned technical support, including the formulation of custom shades and advice on application techniques.

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