A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.


Abrasion Resistance

The resistance of a paint film to mechanical wear.


Materials used for the preparation of surfaces including shot blast, wet and dry and sand paper.


The taking in of liquid into a solid.

Accelerated Weathering

Test method used to simulate the exterior performance properties of coatings by exposing coated panels to UV, heat, humidity and saltspray.


A material which accelerates the curing / hardening of certain coatings.


An organic solvent from the Ketone family.

Acid Resistant

The ability of a coating to withstand acid attack.


A type of resin used in solvent borne and waterborne industrial and decorative coatings and inks. Often reacted with other resin types to achieve the right properties.


Term used to cover the minor addition of specialised raw materials that impart specific properties to the coating. Added in small, carefully controlled quantities to a coating, usually in production. Their uses include keeping heavy pigments from settling, preventing skinning in the can, adjusting electrical conductivity for electrostatic spraying, helping film flow and modifying the surface slip of the film.


The strength of bond between one layer of coating and another or the degree of attachment of the coating onto the substrate.


Introduction of air into a coating during the manufacturing process or during application.

After Tack

A coating film, which although has basically dried, becomes sticky.


The changes that occur to a coating over time due to exposure to climatic conditions, chemical attack etc...

Air Drying

A coating system, which dries at normal ambient temperatures, by the evaporation of solvents, or by reaction with the oxygen in the air.

Air Spraying

A method of applying a coating by the use of compressed air to atomise the coating.

Air Volume

Quantity of air delivered by a compressor. Expressed in cubic feet per minute ot normal air (atmospheric) pressure (psi).


A hydraulic pump that delivers the paint under high pressure to a spray gun.


Series of compounds that are highly soluble in water producing caustic or corrosive solutions that neutralise strong acids.


Made by reacting an alcohol, such as glycerol, an acid (typically phthalic acid) and a natural oil (such as soya bean oil, linseed oil). Used particularly in decorative gloss paints some (generally lower performance) industrial coatings and inks. It may air dry or be cured at elevated tempertaures.


Imperfections in a paint film showing a pattern similar to an alligator skin.

Ambient Temperature

This refers to the room or surrounding temperature.


Organic compounds, often used as Hardeners for Epoxy Resins


A roller with a fine, even pattern used to pick up and meter ink onto a flexographic printing plate.

Anti Condenstaion Coatings

Special coating that permist moisture to remain on the surafce without forming water globules. Can contain materials that absorb water allowing it to evaporate at a slower rate into the atmosphere.

Anti Corrosive Coating

A coating (usually a primer) that is formulated to prevent rusting on iron and steel.

Anti Foul

Coating used to prevent the growth of organisms on ship's bottoms in Marine environments.

Anti Graffiti Coating

Coating designed to minimise the impact of Graffiti. Normally available in 2 types; Permanant and Removeable. Permanent resists the chemicals used to remove the graffiti whereas removeable can be easily washed off and recoated.

Anti Skin

A solution added to the coating (normally alkyds) to prevent premature skinning occuring during storeage

Antimony Oxide

Pigment used in Flame retardant coatings.


The method by which a coating can be applied to a substrate (brush, spray, roller etc...)


Equipment which can quickly disperse pigments into some liquid coatings in a single operation. The coating is loaded into a chamber filled with small ceramic or steel beads, and ground in the beads by a rotating impeller. Any heat that is generated is removed by a water jacket.

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