A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.



The marine paint market is made up of users who apply paint above and below the waterline of ships and boats exteriors and also to the interior. The market can be split into three sectors, based on the size of the vessel being painted. At the top of the scale are the large passenger, cargo or naval vessels which are often international in their movements and need to be dry docked, often anywhere in the world, for major painting. In the middle are smaller boats, such as fishing boats, which can be hauled out of the water on a slipway. At the bottom of the scale are leisure craft, maintained by their owners or by specialist shipyards. Costing are applied by spray, roller and brush.


Groups of coatings users with similar needs. The groups may be subdivided into several levels of 'segments'. Key coatings markets are decorative (subdivided into DIY and trade), industrial (protective coatings, marine, automotive, heavy transport, agricultural construction and earthmoving equipment, vehicle refinishing, construction, general engineering, furniture, plastics and packaging) and inks, where markets tend to be defined by the type of printing process (flexo, gravure, sheet fed litho, cold set web offset, heat set web offset).

Material Safety Data Sheets

A document providing safety, storage and handling instructions for raw materials and finished coatings. Particular hazards, if any will be described in detail, together with first aid instructions.

Metal Oxide

Pigments used by early paint makers, made by grinding naturally occurring minerals or ores. Iron oxides were particularly important, either as relatively pure red oxide or as ochre, a mixture of iron oxide in clay. Siennas and umbers are naturally occurring mixtures of iron and manganese oxides.


Colour effect caused by matching colours using different pigments, hence a colour change occurs under diffrent light sources.


Metric measurement equating to one thousandth of a millimetre. (25 microns = 1 mil)


Imperial measurement equating to one thousandth of an inch. (1 mil = 25 microns)


Initial pigmented coatings dispersion (resin, solvent, pigment and additives) after primary milling and prior to secondary dispersion or thinning.


Layer of Iron Oxide on steel surfaces that should be removed before coating.


Machines for mixing coatings, generally at low speed to make liquid mixes or tinting/thinning. Also called stirrers.

Moisture Curing

A coating system, based on isocyanates, which cures on exposure to water or water vapour in the air to form a polyurethane.


A grouping of atoms, bonded together to form the smallest unit of matter into which a particular chemical substance can be divided without losing its unique chemical identity. Many organic molecules such as resins occur in long, complex chains and/or rings, with carbon atoms providing much of the skeleton of the molecule.

Munsell Colours

Colour system introduced by Albert Munsell (1905).

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