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High solids acrylic polyurethane coating developed to meet the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle market. With an optimised balance of early hardness, fast cure and long pot life, Acrythane 4G is ideal for OEM, repairers and builders within this demanding marketplace.

Acrythane 4G is both VOC and REACH compliant and available as both a coloured Topcoat and Clearcoat.

Acrythane 4G is designed to provide outstanding gloss, final appearance and durability over a range of HMG primers. Acrythane 4G offers enhanced properties over traditional systems, which results in improved process efficiencies.

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Acrythane 4G Features

Revolutionary one visit application does not require the end-user to observe the usual intermediate flash-off time. This allows the end-user to save not only time but also energy and materials. Many of our products, from primer to clearcoat, can today be applied in one visit without intermediate flash off.


Available in a host of colours, thanks to HMG’s UNIT LITE tinting system Acrythane 4G is available in virtually limitless colours including RAL, BS and commercial transport and fleet livery colours direct from HMG or via its nationwide distribution network.

Acrythane 4G is also available as a Clearcoat to create a high gloss finish.


With unique RPD properties Acrythane 4G offers users easy application, fast drying and a superior finish. Acrtythane 4G can also be used in cold and warm weather conditions so you can paint all year round.

Acrythane 4G High Gloss Finish Red

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Acrythane 4G Red Tanker Topocoat
Green Panel of Acrythane 4G
Londong Routemaster Red Bus Paint Commercial Vehicle Topcoat from HMG Paints

Acrythane 4G Topocoat for Bus and Coach
Orange Bus Paint
Concrete Mixer Automotive Topcoat

Acrythane 4G Topocoat for Bus and Coach Blue Trailer
Acrythane 4G Gloss Level
Yellow Cab Automotive Topcoat HMG Paints

Acrythane 4G Topocoat Orange Trailer Cab
Acrythane 4G Green Crane Boom
HMG Paints London Bus Red - Acrythane 4G Topcoat

What are customers saying

"4G is a fantastic product! From its application and flow out which results in an outstanding gloss finish. We just love it."
"I’m very happy with HMG’s 4G topcoat, the thinner options allow me to control the speed in colder and warming weather. This is very important to me as one person painting a large area needs full control of the speed of application."
"I have been using HMG products for many years now, the 4G product is without doubt the best gloss I’ve seen from a Commercial Transport coating."

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