A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.


Electrical Conductivity

A measure of the coatings's ability to take up an electric charge, important in electrostatic spraying.


A type of waterborne primer for metal surfaces which is applied by immersing the substrate in the coating and applying an electric charge to it. Used primarily in the automotive industry.

Electrophoretic Coating

The process of applying electrocoat.


Describes a process in which something acquires an electrical charge and is as a result attracted to an article of opposite charge, or replaced by an object with the same charge. In the coatings industry, this property is usually used in the application of both powder and wet paints, and in ink jet printing. The coatings particles are electrically charged as they leave the gun/jet head and are attracted to the earthed substrate. As the coating thickness builds up on the substrate, its attractiveness to the coatings particles diminishes and, especially with powder a fairly even film thickness can be achieved.


A stable mixture of two liquids, which will not dissolve in one another. In making emulsion paint, water and various solvents, which mix with water are the 'continuous phase' which holds tiny droplets of liquid resin polymer.

Emulsion Paint

Paint produced by dispersing pigment into an emulsion binder.


The engineering market is made up of users who coat articles and components fabricated out of metal. Powder coatings are frequently used, as well as wet paint.


A family of resins of many types, usually with very good adhesion and chemical protection, but only moderate resistance to UV. Normally used in two-pack form with another resin. Used in powder coating for interior applications.

Etch Primer

A low build primer based on polyvinyl butyral resin (PVB) and acid, designed to maximise adhesion on non-ferrous substrates.


Occurs when part of the liquid in a coating becomes a vapour (either at normal temperatures or with heating) and disperses, generally in the atmosphere.


Inorganic powder / filler with low hiding power, used in coatings.


Equipment widely used in the plastics industry for manufacturing plastic items adapted by powder coatings manufacturers for dispersing pigments and resin. The pigment and resin mixture is forced down a tube by one, or often two, Archimedes screws, which melt and thoroughly mix together the powder as it passes along the barrel.

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