A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.



The packaging market is made up of users who manufacture packaging out of metal, plastic or paper, and coat their packaging for decorating, information and protection. Major coatings users include can and drum makers, carton makers and plastic packaging specialists. Coatings used include paints, inks and varnishes.


Metal treatment comprimising of a solution of metal phosphates and phosphoric acid to form a coating which inhibits corrosion and improves the adhesion of subsequent coatings.


A fine dry powder which, when mixed with a binder, gives a coating colour (including black or white). They are generally opaque and give opacity to the coating, and may also give other properties such as corrosion resistance.

Pigment / Binder Ratio

The ratio of Pigment to Binder.

Pigment Volume Concentration

The concentration by volume of pigment in a coating or dried film.

Pine Resin

The sticky exudation from pine trees.


A sticky dark substance, originally the residue from distilling turpentine from pine roots. Modern pitch is the residue from the boiling of tar.


The plastics market is made up of users who coat plastic components and furniture using clear or pigmented coatings. Coatings are generally applied by spray and cured by air drying, moderate heat or UV.


A resin with a mix of properties which make it attractive as a general purpose industrial coating for powder, coil coating, general metal finishing and wood finishing. It has good exterior durability but lower chemical resistance than epoxy.


The process of forming a polymer from monomers of simpler polymers. The process may form chains, with or without branches, rings, nets or honeycomb structures.


A widely used resin with good properties of adhesion, flexibility, hardness and weathering. They may be two component, moisture curing or single component resins used in stoving applications.

Polyvinyl Acetate

A polymer commonly used in emulsion paints & adhesives, also known as PVA.

Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC, a polymer used in coil coatings giving high flexibility and, in thick films, very good durability.


Time interval, after mixing, that a coating remains usable.

Powder Coating

A coating made of finely ground particles of solid paint which are generally sprayed electrostatically to cover the article being coated. The powder coated article is then stoved, when the powder melts, flows out to form a continuous paint film before reacting chemically to become a solid inert coating.


Coating (and/or laminating with sheet plastic) metal in sheet, strip or coil form before forming the metal into cladding or finished components. Also known a coil coating when using continuous coil as the substrate.


A process of mixing liquid, paste or powder coating components to prepare them for dispersion.


A process prior to painting in which the steel or aluminium substrate is cleaned and treated with a solution (usually) of corrosion inhibiting chemicals such as acid phosphates or chromate's. Can also be used to describe flame or electrical treatment of plastic prior to coating.


A coating which ensures adhesion between the substrate and the remainder of the coating system. Often used on metals, where it may be formulated to give improved corrosion protection, and on wood, prior to the application of pigmented coatings.

Protective Coatings

The protective coatings market is made up of users who apply protective and anti-corrosive coatings, usually to steel and concrete structures. Most users are highly specialist painting contractors working on structures where the standard of protection required is very high and access is often difficult. These include bridges, heavy industrial plants, offshore drilling rigs and production platforms. Coatings are applied by spray whenever possible, and by roller or brush when it is not.


The publishing market is made up of publishers and specialist printers who produce newspapers, magazines, books and literature of all sorts. Coatings used are mainly inks, which may be applied by web off-set letterpress, flexographic or gravure processes. Curing is either by air drying or heat set.

Pug Mixer

A mixer for high viscosity pastes, usually a U-shaped steel trough, over which are two horizontal shafts carrying blades. The shafts counter-rotate, and can disperse very high viscosity pastes.

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