A - Z list of keywords and terms from the coatings industry.


Ball Mill

Equipment used to disperse or grind pigment into a resin.


1 bar = 14.2 p.s.i (lbs/

Barrier Coat

A coating which provides a blocking effect, to isolate one coating from another or to prevent bleeding from nicotine staining or bitumen based coatings


Referred to when 2 Pack (2K) products are being used. Normally quoted as Base & Hardener


Used to indicate the first coat of a multi-step coating process

Bead Mill

Secondary equipment for dispersing pigments into some liquid coatings. The coating is pre-dispersed on a high speed mixer and is pumped through the Bead Mill, which is a cylinder packed with beads rotated by a central agitator. The cylinder may have its axis vertical or horizontal, and is cooled by water to keep the temperature controlled. More viscous products can be processed in similar 'rod mills' in which the beads are replaced by a number of steel rods lying parallel to the axis of rotation of the main shaft.


Term used when foreign matter is present in wet or dried coating.

Blade Mixer

Primary dispersion equipment for viscous coatings and pastes. Litho inks, putties and fillers are commonly processed. One or more blades - often of a 'Z' shape, rotate and knead the paste. Dissipating heat is difficult, so the process can be slow.

Blast Primer

A primer applied directly after shot/grit blasting to prevent oxidistaion of the newly exposed steel.


Process where underlying substances stain into the applied coating.


Term describing the effect when separate coated items stick together. Also used to describe blockages at the tip of spray equipment.


Whitening / milky effect or loss of gloss on coating, caused by the uptake of moisture.


General term describing the viscosity / structure of a coating (heavy bodied, false bodied).

British Coatings Federation

The British Coatings Federation is the trade association for the paint and ink industry of the United Kingdom. BCF promotes the interest of the industry, and provides and interface between companies, government, other organisations and the general public.


The lack of ability to flex or bend.


Metallic iradescence on non metallic coating film.


Appearance of small bubbles or aeration in the coating film.


Thickess of a wet or dry coating film.

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