D66 Chassis Black


An alkyd based synthetic enamel to suit both brush and spray requirements. Competitively priced, D66 gives good performance and it's oil and diesel resistance makes it an excellent choice.

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Data Sheets

Technical Properties


20 square metres per litre @ 25 microns dft


29 °C


Store between 5°C - 25°C. When not in use, cans must be kept sealed

Shelf Life

12 months from delivery date in original sealed containers

Maximum VOC Content

0.65 Kg/l

Colour Range

Black Gloss


Available in standard pack sizes.


Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and must be cleaned using the appropriate HMG product to remove all traces of contaminants. HMG produce a full range of cleaners, silicone removers, degreasers and preparatory cleaners suitable for the cleaning process. Please refer to our website for Knowledge Base article Prep-Cleaning Techniques (KNB0009) and Preparatory Cleaners from the Product Guide.

Surface Preparation

Please refer to Knowledge Base for details on Surface Preparation.

Health & Safety

  • Refer to SDS and tin label prior to use.
  • Contaminated Rags, Spray Booth Filters or other substrates should be segregated from other chemical waste, soaked with Water and disposed of in a non-combustible container with a tight fitting Lid.

Additional Information

Resistance to diesel and oils at a competitive price.

D66 can be brushed or hot sprayed as supplied. For conventional air assisted spray up to 25% 2611 or 2612 Thinner may be added to suit equipment.


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