Wood Stain Concentrate


A wood stain concentrate used in conjunction with wood stain solvent blend to produce a comprehensive range of wood stain colours.

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Data Sheets

Technical Properties


10 - 20 square metres per litre


-19 °C

Temperature Resistance

120 °C


Store between 5°C - 25°C. When not in use, cans must be kept sealed

Shelf Life

12 months from delivery date in original sealed containers

Maximum VOC Content

0.83 Kg/l

Colour Range


Wood surfaces should be flatted well using a fine grade garnet or sandpaper to remove all traces of dirt, grease or staining. Wood Stain must be applied direct to bare wood if the stain is to "strike" the wood effectively. Adhesives and previously applied lacquers or paint systems must be effectively removed.

Surface Preparation

Please refer to Knowledge Base for details on Surface Preparation.


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