Quality Policy


The HMG Paints quality policy which allows HMG to build a Decent, Worthwhile and Secure business.

24/07/2018 14:30:16

To all stakeholders in HMG Paints Ltd.

It is our aim to supply our customers with products that add value to their products, services and business operations, that are fit for purpose, and are on time every time.

To be fully compliant with any applicable customer product standards, legislation, regulations and expectations in accordance with the principals outlined in ISO 9001: 2015

Implement and operate effective, risk-based management systems that take into consideration the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Seek opportunities to continuously improve products, services and systems, through the use of technology and to embrace positive change for the benefit of all stakeholders in the organisation.

Finally we aim to follow the vision of our founder by continuing to develop a business that is:

‘Decent, Worthwhile and Secure’.

The three words have deep meaning for the business as they were written by Herbert Falder in the back of the very first formulation book of the business.

Decent – Described as ‘Being able to go to bed at night and be happy that you have done the right thing’.

Worthwhile – To keep a commercially competitive business, that continues to make a profit and is rewarding for all involved.

Secure – To build a business that is stable and diverse ensuring security for generations to come.

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