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Are you legally disposing of your waste?

The problem is more and more materials including most paint and powder wastes, are now identified and classified as hazardous waste. Only 12 landfill sites in the UK are registered for hazardous waste. The legislation requirements are complex to understand, and have been designed to control and safely dispose of waste.

The legislation also works to determine who produces the waste, how much waste and of what type, and to ensure waste, whatever the make up is disposed of correctly. Paper trails are being designed to follow waste from the cradle to the grave (the producer to the disposer). This legislation costs money to organise and police so the cost is passed on to the waste producers and waste handlers, all of which is designed to reduce waste and promote recycling where possible.


Every producer of hazardous waste has to
  • Register with the Environment Agency (E.A.)
  • Keep records of quantity and type
  • Keep disposal records (who took it, where it went etc)
  • Have a registered premises code, a SIC code and an EWC code (all of which can be found on the EA website)

Costs are imposed by the EA on the producer of hazardous waste for notification of waste removal, every producer of hazardous waste must ensure that the carrier of waste disposal is registered with EA, it is the duty of every hazardous waste producer to know the final destination of the waste.

HMG service and assistance

HMG is licensed to collect paint related waste from any registered company, HMG will produce the necessary documentation, labels and supplies the necessary containers for the removal. HMG are totally committed to recycling of all waste where possible with recent investments in a state of the art solvent regenerator.

HMG can collect waste from producers at a competitive cost whilst delivering other materials and already have established waste disposal streams. Every HMG customer produces waste. Why not ask our experts for advice and help about your waste┬Ł.

Return of paint washings can be deducted from the total VOC content of purchased paint products which will save you money and assist in compliancy.

Consequences for non-compliance

Heavy penalties and possible prison sentence are imposed if a producer of hazardous waste is:

  • Not registered with the Environment Agency
  • Caught fly tipping (registered or not)
  • not carrying the right documentation when disposing of waste
  • Removal of waste from a non registered site
  • Removal of waste from a registered site but without the proper documentation
  • Removal of waste by a non registered carrier

Waste Removal

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For more information about HMG Paints' Waste Removal Disposal please contact Paul Booth in our Sales Order office.

You can contact Paul via phone on 0161 205 7631 or via email pbooth@hmgpaint.com

Please note we are only able to offer this service to customers who are within our HMG Vehicle Fleet delivery zones. If you are unsure if you are within the area please contact our sales team.

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