A Water Based basecoat designed for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. Hydrobase is a fully compliant system when used in conjunction with compliant clearcoats. It offers high opacity to enable the user to reduce application times and material usage. A comprehensive range of Solid, Metallic, Pearl and Xirallic colours are available.

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Data Sheets

Technical Properties


14.0 square metres per litre @ 25 microns dft


X °C


Store between 5°C - 25°C. When not in use, cans must be kept sealed

Shelf Life

6 months from delivery date in original sealed containers

Additional Technical Information

Solid Colours:
Apply 1 light coat, followed by 2 full coats. Allow to fully flash-off between coats.

Metallic Colours:
Apply 1 light coat, followed by 2 full coats and one 'drop' coat. Allow to fully flash-off between coats.

Depending on colour, further coats may be necessary.

Maximum VOC Content

0.3 Kg/l


2004/42 IIB (D) 420

Colour Range

Available in a wide colour range including Fleet, RAL & BS and Automotive shades


Available in standard pack sizes.


Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and must be cleaned using the appropriate HMG product to remove all traces of contaminants. HMG produce a full range of Preparatory Cleaners suitable for most cleaning and degreasing processes. Please refer to our website for Knowledge Base article Prep-Cleaning Techniques (KNB0009) and Preparatory Cleaners from the Product Guide.

Surface Preparation

Hydrobase can be applied over the recommended HMG Primers, once abraded using P800g wet or dry or P360g dry sanding or finer.

Health & Safety

  • Refer to SDS and tin label prior to use.
  • Suitable respiratory equipment should be worn when spraying.

Additional Information

Do not apply directly over 2K Etch primer or TPA topcoats. Always prime with recommended HMG 2K Primer.

As with all refinish paint systems, a colour check should be carried out before painting the vehicle. Ensure the paint is thoroughly stirred before checking colour.


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